MicroBrowser Android

SpiderControl™ Automation Browser for Android™ previous versions and pre-release

Version (2021.12.16)

* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Bug fix in Auto-start of the Home-Screen app, restart the countdown on Home pressed

Version (2021.11.18)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Bug fix in Auto-Start, if the http scheme is missing in the URL, like "mydomain.com"

Version (2021.11.12)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Fix issues with Auto-Start and Auto-detect
- Support installation of APK file, after downloading the APK file from the WebView control (HTML 5)
- Support the connection retry (10s) if Auto-Start is enabled with a delay and the web server is not reachable
- Minor changes in layout
- Add Log messages in AutoStart Activity
- Support Log File, that can be enabled in menu
- Don't use Android Downloader Manager anymore in WebView control, to fix issues with https and invalid SSL certificates

Version (2021.10.28)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Support file download from WebView control using Android DownloadManager
- Ask to open specific app for download files like doc, xls, ppt, avi, mp3, zip, ...
- Remove Anti-Alias option, since it's not supported anymore in 24 BPP
- Show Android version and device info in Version-Info box
- Show serial number from /data/serial, in the app Version-Info box
- Update MicroBrowser to version 156.1

Version (2021.09.27)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Update MicroBrowser to version
- Support USB Storage that can be enabled in menu
- Support Import/Export configuration files on USB stick if enabled
- Support new Container "_KEYPAD_EN", to enable/disable the use of the keypad TEQ file or Android on screen keyboard
- Support new Container "MB_isScreenOn"

Version (2021.05.04)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Improve auto-start if auto-detect is not selected (MicroBrowser, HTML5 or Video with rtsp://xxx)
- Show "..." on startup, if the target is not immediately reachable until 60 s
- Or show boot image on statup from /sdcard/Download/bootscreen.png, if the image file exist
- Bug fix with video images frozen, for example on app switch. And don't stop video on touching the screen
- Remove the Welcome text from previous version

Version (2021.03.23)

- Show Welcome view on first start, for 3s or 10s if the auto start URL is localhost
- CoDeSys 3: Bug fix with clipping in draw text

Version (2021.03.18)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Support two new container variables "MB_App.goBack" and "MB_App.close" to return on the station list from MicroBrowser
- CoDeSys 3: Bug fix with missing 1 pixel vertical and horizontal line
- CoDeSys 3: Bug fix with rendering issue after a change of the screen size (on rotate and on immersive change)
- CoDeSys 3: Support touch drag events

V. (2021.03.13)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Support multi-touch in MicroBrowser view
- Check permission for storage on start up to read OEM file
- Support OEM file from Download/AutomationBrowser/uBrowser.oem
- Bug fix with S7-1x00 login popup and writeVal with [] in variable name
- Set VLC video network caching from 120 to 200 ms, due to dropping frames errors
- CoDeSys 3: Extend functionality of image pool to fix issue with missing image files

Version (2021.01.28)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Better support of SVG files in MicroBrowser (especially tiny SVG in CODESYS v3)
- Bug fix with untrusted SSL certificate, "YES (Always)" didn't work after a new start with selector on "HTML 5"
- Support VideoActivity in Automation Browser (also in Home screen)

Version 1.0.8 (2020.12.10)

* Automation Browser V.1.0.8
* Automation Browser V.1.0.8 (Home screen)

- Add Auto-start delay of 45s and 60s
- Update MicroBrowser to version
- Bug fix with SSL certificate when user pressed "YES (Always)"
- Support URL jump history in MicroBrowser with Android back button, like in HTML 5
- Support MicroBrowser Web Service on localhost with port 8085 for SpiderPLC
- Support CODESYS V.3 webvisu in MicroBrowser
- Support SVG with 32 bit-per-pixel frame buffer (ARGB_8888)
- Support draw text with alpha-blend and rotation
- Support opening PDF file (and other file types) using the installed app from HTML 5 WebView control
- Fix issues with uninitialized state after a crash
- Start immediately in WebView control if HTML 5 mode is selected
- Play sound on showing app info
Version (2020.11.13)
- Fix issue with unknown HTTP Authentication (TwinCAT) use HTML 5 WebView Control for that.
- Support showing video stream in native code, with URL like rtsp://hostname/live0
- Update MicroBrowser to version

Version (2020.09.22)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Support opening URL like rtsp://hostname/live.264, for live video streaming (with external app)
- New Keypads with Height: 360 and is flat and blue
- Enable/Disable Use Wide View Port in HTML 5 with auto-scale option
- Increase size of icons in navigation bar

Version 1.0.7 (2020.07.16)

* Automation Browser V.1.0.7
* Automation Browser V.1.0.7 (Home screen)

- Support Tooltips
- Support Oscillo Macro
- Work in background task
- Support Opening PDF files from MicroBrowser with specific Android app
- And other bug fixes and improvements

Version (2020.05.18)

* Automation Browser V.
* Automation Browser V. (Home screen)

- Support Navigation bar for HTML 5 views
- Support Disabling Android Keyboard on WebView (HTML5) with an argument in URL, like ?NOKBONT=title+name Or if title contains a substring like ?NOKBONT=Web

Version 1.0.6 (2020.02.03)

* Automation Browser V.1.0.6
* Automation Browser V.1.0.6 (Home screen)

- Support Auto-Start with a boot delay: 1, 3, 15, 30 or 90 seconds
- And other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.5 (2019.10.24)

* Automation Browser V.1.0.5
* Automation Browser V.1.0.5 (Home screen)

- Support PIN code to prevent any modification (Operator mode)
- Support new option to open the page: Auto detect, HTML 5 or MicroBrowser
- Show Android Settings in menu for the Home edition
- New license key for Automation Browser with challenge code prefix AB1-
- Use long press on back button to return directly in the station list and skip the navigation history from HTML5 WebView control
- Close app with CODESYS V2 exit action "INTERN EXITPROGRAM" and not only finish the MicroBrowser Activity when coming from WebView (App > WBM > WebVisu > Exit)

Version 1.0.4 (2019.06.28)

* Automation Browser V.1.0.4
* Automation Browser V.1.0.4 (Home screen)

- Supports GZIP encoding
- Supports new formatting for real numbers
- Supports reloading of images (from camera)
- Supports opening PDF files from remote and local file
- Supports URL jump from CODESYS V2 to V3
- Supports connection retries when Auto Start is enabled
- Supports SSL (URL with https://) and IPv6
- Supports Static language switch in CoDeSys v2 (*.vis)
- Improves the rendering of texts (Use Android fonts with anti-aliasing and without any limitation on font style and size)
- Improves edit mode with Android keyboard (Visu still visible)
- Bug fixes in SpiderControl and CoDeSys v2 visu
- Supports Immersive Full-Screen Mode since Android KitKat


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