Frequently Asked Questions

Wie gebe ich die Adresse der SPS an wenn ich Lokal mit dem Handy mit WLan im gleichen Netz bin (Im PC Browser gebe ich ja "" an) dann klapt's mit dem Microbrowser auf dem Handy nicht, ich erhalte den Fehler "File not found"

Station URL
In the URL Station field, you have to define a valid http URL like that: "http://host_name[:port]/start_page"
In your case I would try ""
Note, the MicroBrowser does not support standard web files, but only html files created with CoDeSys, SpiderControl or any other OEM SpiderControl compatible product.

Super klappt alles, ... Eine Frage hab ich doch noch: Das Menü "Presistent Containers" wofür ist das und was kann damit einstellen?

About Persistent Containers
A container variable is a local variable in the client side, that can be used in MicroBrowser, when you design a web HMI with the SpiderControl PLC-Editor. The content of these variables are lost on every URL jump (on loading new web-visu). Therefore, persistent container variables, beginning with the prefix "MB_PERCO_", and followed with a number in range [0 ..19], are made persistent. They are stored automatically, and reloaded on every URL jump. For example, such variables can be used in HMI to save the latest state or any user settings, like the selected language. Also, in some customer applications, the user must be able to edit them before loading any SpiderControl web interface.


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