MicroBrowser Android

SpiderControl™ MicroBrowser-Lite for Android™

The SpiderControl MicroBrowser-Lite app is built to run on smartphones and tablets with Android version 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher, for ARM, MIPS or x86 processor.


The SpiderControl MicroBrowser-Lite app is primarily intended for users that need to access on only one controller. For other purposes you will need the standard SpiderControl MicroBrowser app


The SpiderControl MicroBrowser-Lite for Android is now available on Google Play™
Get it on Google Play


If you already have installed the MicroBrowser-Lite from Google Play™ store, you can install the pre-release below
MicroBrowserLite-156.apk Download the SpiderControl MicroBrowser-Lite pre-release MicroBrowserLite-156.apk V., for Android v.4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher.
Once the download is finished, open the APK file stored in your Download folder and follow instructions to complete the installation.
Note: Some authorisations can be asked to allow the installation of an APK file out from the official store.


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
CoDeSys is a trademark of 3S Smart Software Solutions GmbH
SpiderControl is a trademark of iniNet Solutions GmbH