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SpiderControl™ Web-Editor for Revolution Pi

The SpiderControl Web-Editor for Raspberry Revolution Pi, is available for download here

Version 1.0

   Info.txt Info.txt
   webeditor.tgz webeditor.tgz

Find below the logi.CAD 3 sample project

   Info.txt Fahrstuhl_060417.zip

with a short video...

Play Revolution Pi


Copy the tarball file "webeditor.tgz" in your Raspberry device, into /home/pi/ and run the following command:

   $ tar xvzf webeditor.tgz

This will extract all files into a new created folder webeditor (/home/pi/webeditor)

   $ cd webeditor
   $ chmod +x ZelsWebServ_RTS

Installation of the auto-start script

   $ sudo /home/pi/webeditor/install_webeditor.sh

And reboot.

Note: The Web Editor software needs the logi.cals Runtime System supporting RTS IPC NS API, since version 3.5.0
But it is Highly recommended to use RTS version 3.13.0 or higher

Learn how to create a new logi.CAD3 PLC project with the following tutorial
logi.CAD 3 compact - Tutorial - FirstCounter

The Web-Editor starts a Web server on port 8080 instead of the standard http port 80, to prevent conflict with any existing web-server. The port number can be changed in the configuration file:

   $ /home/pi/webeditor/ZelsWebServ.xml

under the following parameter:

Activation code

Please, fill out the online form with your ST1 Challenge Code, to order a license key for your device. The challenge code is displayed in the Licensing web page of your device
Reboot the Revolution Pi device after having entered the License code


For any questions, feedback or support, you can contact us here

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