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SpiderControl™ MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi™ (1, 2, 3 and 4)

The SpiderControl MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi is intended to be used for

Version (2021.09.30)


MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi on raspbian OS 32-bit, with touch screen (tslib v.1.2)

   * MicroBrowser_16bpp_ts.tgz (Color depth 16-bit per pixel)
   * MicroBrowser_24bpp_ts.tgz (Color depth 24-bit per pixel)

MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi on raspbian OS 32-bit, using mouse and extern HDMI display
Version (2021.09.30)

   * MicroBrowser_16bpp_mouse.tgz (Color depth 16-bit per pixel)
   * MicroBrowser_24bpp_mouse.tgz (Color depth 24-bit per pixel)

MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi on raspbian OS 64-bit, using mouse and extern HDMI display
Untested yet, since the raspbian OS for 64-bit is not available at this time (Sept. 2021)

   * MicroBrowser_16bpp_mouse_arm64.tgz (Color depth 16-bit per pixel)
   * MicroBrowser_24bpp_mouse_arm64.tgz (Color depth 24-bit per pixel)


To find out whether the color depth of the framebuffer is 16-bit per pixel or 32-bit per pixel, use the fbset command:

   $ fbset

   mode "1920x1080"
     geometry 1920 1080 1920 1080 16
     timings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
     accel true
     rgba 5/11,6/5,5/0,0/0

Here, the geometry line gives us the following info for the screen 1920x1080 and 16 bpp (565). Thus, download the MicroBrowser for 16bpp
If the framebuffer is 32-bit per pixel, download the MicroBrowser for 24bpp

Update the MicroBrowser

   $ cd /home/pi
   $ sudo service microbrowser stop
   $ wget -O MicroBrowser.tgz https://ininet.ch/public/MicroBrowser/pi/MicroBrowser_XXX.tgz
   $ tar xvzf MicroBrowser.tgz
   $ sudo service microbrowser start

New Installation

Read the installation procedure delivered in the package, into /home/pi/MicroBrowser/Info.txt for details
First, copy the tarball file like "MicroBrowser_XXX.tgz" into /home/pi/ and run the following commands:

   $ cd /home/pi
   $ tar xvzf MicroBrowser_XXX.tgz
   $ cd /home/pi/MicroBrowser
   $ chmod +x start stop MicroBrowser
   $ sudo cp /home/pi/MicroBrowser/install/systemd/microbrowser.* /lib/systemd/system/
   $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
   $ sudo systemctl enable microbrowser.timer
   $ sudo service microbrowser start

Start the program manually and stop it with Ctrl+C, to see if you have any errors on the console

   $ sudo ./MicroBrowser

You can also start the MicroBrowser by specifing the URL as argument, something like that

   $ sudo ./MicroBrowser

MiroBrowser with mouse

The default mouse device is:

To start the MicroBrowser with another mouse device, you can specify it with the environment variable "MB_MSDEVICE", like:
   $ sudo MB_MSDEVICE=/dev/input/mice ./MicroBrowser

MiroBrowser with touch screen

The MicroBrowser for Raspberry Pi uses tslib to get touch events from the touch screen, the default touch device is:

To start the MicroBrowser with another touch device, you can specify it with the environment variable "TSLIB_TSDEVICE", like:
   $ sudo TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event2 ./MicroBrowser

Installation of tslib

Installation of the binaries
   $ sudo apt-get install tslib libts-bin

More info about tslib for Raspberry Pi can be found in the forum here or here, especially to find out how to set environment variables and perform the calibration of the touch screen.

   $ export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event0
   $ sudo touch /etc/pointercal
   $ sudo ts_calibrate
   $ ts_test

Read also RaspberryPi-Info.txt to find general info about Raspberry Pi and how to install the latest TSLib

Find below an old version of the MicroBrowser built with an old version of tslib v.1.4 (if the current version doesn't work)

   * MicroBrowser_16bpp_ts_v1.4.tgz (Color depth 16-bit per pixel)
   * MicroBrowser_24bpp_ts_v1.4.tgz (Color depth 24-bit per pixel)

Activation code

Please, fill out the online form with the MicroBrowser Challenge code, to order a license key for your device, the challenge code is displayed on starting the MicroBrowser.
The price list is available in a PDF file.


For any questions, feedback or support, you may contact us here


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