MfcCeSample for Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, embedded Compact 7 (Standard SDK 5.0)

This is a sample application to test the touch screen on Windows CE devices

* MfcCeSample.exe for ARMV4I (Cortex)
* MfcCeSample.exe for MIPSIV_FP
* MfcCeSample.exe for x86

Because it's helpful to see where the touch events are in fact generated, we wrote a simple test program.
This program will help you to check, if the touch screen is right calibrated, or to find issues like unexpected generated touch events, or touch down and/or up events in the wrong position, ...

Touch Error Picture
Touch down is marked with a red square, touch up with the smaller blue one.

A Visual Studio Project (2008) is available for download. It has been created with the 'New Project' Wizard for Smart devices (Windows CE) using MFC Single Document based Application. The code has been modified to catch the touch events and display them on the screen in CMfcCeSampleView class.

* MfcCeSample.zip

Any suggestion or feedback is welcome!
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