MicroBrowser for Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, embedded Compact 7 (Standard SDK 5.0)

V. (2019.07.24)

* ReleaseNoteCE.txt

* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for ARMV4I (XScale, Cortex, ...)
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for MIPSII
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for MIPSII_FP
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for MIPSIV
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for MIPSIV_FP
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for SH4
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for x86 (Intel ATOM)

Contact the provider of your device, to know for which CPU architecture you need to download the MicroBrowser.

MicroBrowser for Windows CE (Standard SDK 5.0) DIB 24 bpp

This version supports PNG images with alpha-blend.

* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for ARMV4I (CX9020)
* MicroBrowser_CE.exe for x86 (CX10XX)


Currently, we do not provide any installation program for Windows CE panels, since every panel is provider specific. Thus, we suggest to copy all files into the persistent folder of the Windows CE device (Any Flash folder, Hard Disk or Storage Card).

Installation procedure in three steps:

  1. First, create a new directory "MicroBrowser" in the persistent folder.
  2. Extract all files contained in archive file MB_Extra_files.zip into the MicroBrowser folder.
  3. Copy the corresponding MicroBrowser program (MicroBrowser_CE.exe) and its MFC library (mfcce400.dll) if any.


MfcCeSample is a simple test program, useful to test the touch screen on Windows CE devices.


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